Different Types of Business Travel Management (BTM) Companies

People know about business travel, but it’s not to be confused with business travel management. Business travel is just travelling for business purposes and that’s it. Business travel management, aka corporate travel management, is the utilization of strategic techniques so that businesses can control expenses, initiate better travel spending, and ensure safety in travelling. Business travel management companies handle business travel management. They handle all the ins and outs of travel management for businesses so that their clients won’t have to worry this process that could be really tedious.

In researching, there is no variation of business travel companies. They are all basically the same in that they are for-profit businesses specializing in providing the best service possible for corporate travels. The companies may differ in various offers from one another, and they are in competition with each other for more customers. One company may have different offers on group travelling for businesses, another one may offer no fees for after hours, and another one may offer monthly pricing plans. And no matter what offers each company may have, the bottom line is to provide the utmost service in corporate traveling where businesses can get the best return possible on investment. And furthermore, with all the steep competition, these companies go out of their way to sway consumers in thinking each one of them is the best business travel management company for them.

Benefits and Trends

There are tons of benefits when utilizing business travel management. For one, business travelers will obtain the most cost effective tools available when using business travel management companies. Also, the following are other benefits for using a proficient business travel management company:

  • Mobile and Online Tools – this is a trend and a benefit mainly because of the convenience in checking on the status of the flight as well as other things. With tablets and smartphones used many times by consumers while travelling, they use it for business and personal usage. These travelers can be productive while travelling, they can check the status of their baggage at the airport, and they can conveniently reach destinations. Also, in this hi-tech age, consumers expect the travel partners and their employers to provide them with time saving amenities to ensure efficiency while on the go. Besides, for the employers and the travel partners to win, the employees must be properly equipped. The employees are the representatives of their companies, and business will continue to be prosperous for the travel partners due to their superior services.
  • Taking Advantage of Bleisure – bleisure is the blending of the words, business and leisure. With this blending of words, one can see that it’s a traveler having some leisure time while on a business trip. Having said that, business travel management companies have been working on providing different perks for their customers’ ultimate satisfaction. Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 travelers include some pleasure while on a business trip. Therefore, more travel partners are including different leisure perks in some package deals for their clients.
  • Travel Resources Available – from assistance with Visa to taking care of passport issues, corporate travel partners are normally the one stop place to go in finding answers or at least lead one to the right place.
  • Dedicated Personnel & Experts – travel managers are continually focusing on strengthening relationships with vendors, exploring corporate discounts, and finding new ways to save money, such as with dynamic pricing.

Business Travel Management Programs of Ryanair and Other Airlines

Ryanair has a program called Business Plus. This program offers improved frequency and flexibility. They offer the option in flexibility to change the flight time, departure airport, or destination. It’s a plus or minus two-day flexibility. They are able to do this because they have a really big network consisting of 200 destinations that range over 31 countries along with 1,800 routes per day. With this capability, high frequency departures are offered for key business routes.

Mostly all of Ryanair’s flights arrive on time. As a matter of fact, more than 92 % of all their flights arrive on time. This makes them one of the more reliable business travel management companies that would deliver on time results for their clients.

Ryanair also offers premium seats and priority boarding through its business plus program. With these two benefits, the clients would have a more enjoyable ride especially because this aspect allows the customer to be the first ones to board and disembark, and Ryanair allocates the seat for the customer. With this, there’s limited stress and a breeze as the customer is capable to get right down to business easier and quicker.

As with other business travel management companies, baggage allowance of a small cabin bag and a carry-on is permitted. However, Ryanair takes it a little further with their baggage allowance incentive. With them, clients are able to take a free 10 kg cabin bag along with a small carry-on and a free 20 kg check-in bag. Additionally, there is no need to go through queues because they provide at the airport a dedicated business plus desk.

Besides these incentives in the Ryanair program, all the airlines make it convenient for consumers by having them purchase travel through various travel partners. That way, these travel managers would centralize the travel in just a few steps. They will obtain regular reports concerning the companywide travel spend overview, the details of where the company employees are going, whether or not they are complying with the travel policies, and help them to make good choices. There are also some travel partners that have it where employees can conveniently use designated tools for booking online travel and ensuring compliance. There are also some programs that allow for monthly payments, and sometimes they offer other discounts.