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Ryanair is an Irish airline with the headquarter in the capital of Ireland, Dublin, and 63 air bases throughout Europe. The airline is a low-cost carrier, which means that it has generally lower fares and less comforts.

In 2013, Ryanair carried most passengers on a scheduled service in Europe, and even by international comparison, the airline was most frequented by passenger numbers of 80 million.

But, Ryanair is also again and again controversial discussed because of additional fees, e.g. for baggage, concerns about the flight safety, working conditions of employees, and, especially, a bad customer service.

Since 2013 Ryanair focused to improve its public image and customer satisfaction, and started its “Always Getting Better” (AGB) program towards a more customer-friendly company. What is Ryanair, now claiming to be Europe’s No. 1 Customer Service Airline, doing to create so much hype?

Here is a brief history of Ryanair’s evolution – from their humble beginnings in 1985, through all of the huge improvements they have made in just over 30 years of dedicated customer service – as well as everything good and not-so-good that you should know about flying with Ryanair.

A Brief History of Ryanair

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Ryanair was set up by the Ryan family in 1985, when it became Europe’s first and largest low-fare airline. In their first year of business, Ryanair carried 82,000 passengers with only 2 routes in operation and functioned with a small staff of 25 people. Nearly 30 years later, Ryanair carries over 82 million passengers annually.

Since their beginning, Ryanair has aimed to provide the lowest cost fares to people and, in reducing their prices, has been notorious for forcing other major airlines like British Airways and Aer Lingus to drastically reduce their high prices as a result, which made history and led to Europe’s very first air fare war.

Despite all of their success in reducing flights within Europe, during the first 6 years of Ryanair’s operation they failed to make any profit and, ironically, made their first annual profit as the Gulf War was breaking out in January of 1991. Since then, Ryanair has been on the rise and has continued to open up new routes while remaining faithful to their original mission to offer passengers the lowest fares and the absolute best rates.

In 2006, Ryanair became the world’s first airline to carry more than 4 million international passengers in just one month. They also become the first airline to announce plans for onboard mobile phone usage, which has become a highly sought-after feature for most modern-day flyers. Needless to say, they’ve always been on the brink of innovation. Furthermore, despite sharp increases in fuel costs and spikes in oil prices, Ryanair has continually managed to keep their prices low.

Currently in the works is the latest list of customer service initiatives and expectations, released on April 12, 2016, as part of the third year of Ryanair’s “Always Getting Better” (AGB) program. Some of Ryanair’s goals include: further reducing airline fares, newly renovating aircraft interiors with slimline seats, more legroom, coat hooks, LED lighting and much more.

Today, Ryanair proudly services 1,800 daily flights from 83 bases, connecting 200 destinations in 31 countries.

Glowingly Good Things About Flying Ryanair

Airplane from Ryanair at departure
  • Europe’s Greenest Airline: Among the 20 largest airlines by passenger volume, the cleanest, Ryanair, uses barely more than a third the fuel to transport its average passenger one mile when compared to the least efficient, American Eagle.
  • Europe’s No. 1 On-Time Performance. Ryanair prides itself on its impeccable punctuality, which routinely beats and surpasses other leading airlines in efficiency. In 2015, for example, 90 % of Ryanair flights should have been arrived on time whereas other leading airlines had scores of 85 % or lower.
  • Ryanair cancels fewer flights than any other airline.
  • Ryanair’s Lowest Fare Guarantee or they’ll pay you double the difference. Now, that’s a good deal.
  • Ryanair carries more international passengers than any other airline.
  • Ryanair has over 1,600 routes, operates 1,800 daily flights from 83 bases and takes their passengers to 31 countries.
  • You can bring 1 cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg (with maximum dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm) as well as 1 small bag or personal item (35 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm) onboard the aircraft.
  • Debit card purchases have no additional service fees, whereas credit cards do.

The Not-So-Good Things About Flying Ryanair

When flying with most budget airlines, it pays off to read the fine print. Otherwise, passengers can be caught off guard and forced to pay additional fees. For example, if you forget to print your boarding pass at home or do not have access to a printer, you could get stuck paying a ridiculously high amount for them to print it for you.

Adding flight essentials to your trip can add up. While some of these add-ons are optional, quite a few essentials, like larger luggage that requires checking, is not free. For many low-cost airlines, gone are the days where passengers receive 1 free, 22 kg piece of luggage with the purchase of their flight. While these are just a few of the add-ons, it is relatively easy to see how they can start to add up quickly: $70 for musical equipment, $45 airport check-in fee, $10 to select a seat, $25 for 15 kg (small bag) each way, $37.50 for 20 kg (Large Bag) each way, priority boarding $10, priority seats with extra legroom.

2 % Credit Card Transaction Fee

Ryanair does not have seat pockets, which means they do not have those convenient, little white “I’m-going-be-sick” bags.

No free in-flight beverages are offered, not even water.

Travel as Lightly as Possible

In short, if you’re looking to have a good low-cost airline experience, it is important to read the given information from each airline carrier. When flying with low-fare carriers be sure to check-in online, pre-pay for your luggage in advance, and try not to exceed the luggage weight limits. Finally, if you do not want to get stuck with all of the excess charges and additional service fees, travel as lightly as possible. One carry-on is free with Ryanair. When you only have to worry about a carry-on, you don’t have to wait for your baggage, worry about losing it, pay for it, or haul it around. It really is the best of both worlds.

Ryanair Calls for Two Drink Maximum at Airports

Excessive alcohol is a key ingredient for debauchery and unruly behavior, without any doubt. Without any doubt not many people will claim to have never seen the evil side of drunkards gone out of control. This problem however has been a dichotomy since eons, as societies are unable to put line in thin line between what is excessive and what is sufficient. This state of affairs has been exemplified in the latest duel of action between airline Ryanair and airports. This comes in a time that the civil authority has posited an increase in disruptive cases in airports and airplanes due to heavy drinking.

How to Deal with When Passenger Behave Risky

Under normal circumstances, airlines have a set of actions at its disposal that it can employ in dealing with passengers whose behavior is deemed risky and disruptive. This include dropping the passenger at the nearest airline, refusing the customer travel for the remaining part of the journey as well as taking legal actions against the behavior for possible prosecution. The escalation of disruptive behavior as a result of excessive alcohol is nonetheless a redline that has prompted the airline Ryanair’s to consider a set of preventive action that include curtailing selling alcohol sales into not more than two bottles for its passengers and the hours for sale into not earlier than ten am in the morning.

This move comes after a year of drunken passengers becoming overly unruly and in most situation causing chaos. Ryanair however set of recommendation to airports is likely to construe the business interests of bars and restaurants located in the airports. One can however not blame the airliner, for threatening the profit interests of these restaurants as it’s not fair for airports to make huge gains while abandoning airlines to deal with the explosive issue of risky behavior from these drunks which can endanger the lives of many as well on board.

Consume of Alcohol on Board Now Forbidden?

Ryanair, a budget airline, is certainly not the first to institute such measures. Jet2 is renowned to have stopped alcohol sales on morning flights, becoming the first UK airliner to institute these measures. Ryanair also had previously banned passengers from consuming duty free purchases on board, actually to the extent of refusing such cargo into their aircraft. The worst hit routes by this problem are Alicante, Ibiza, and Palma.

It is notable that airport are unlikely to impose this ban, noting that they responded with the usual continuum of defining what is excessive and what is not excessive. In fact the definition of bottle is ambiguous as much as individuals have different measures with which they reach drinking full potentials. There is also a likelihood that more criticism is to be leveled against the airlines noting it once previously wanted to charge its passengers for restroom use. Nonetheless, there is a problem in drunkard behavior facing the airlines and this can’t be wished away.

Managing Disputes with Ryanair

Everything cannot be expected to go right all of the time, so there are always provisions to deal with things gone wrong. Nobody likes to have to contact customer service with a claim or dispute. Even under the best of circumstances, the task can be time-consuming and frustrating. While we are not, ourselves, part of Ryanair Mag, we are fans who want to share our tips and criticisms. The airline tries to keep such confusions to a minimum by having clearly outlined policies for such situations. They also have trained service staff to manage any inquiries.

Tips to Avoid Confusion

The best way to avoid having to sort trouble out is by not getting into it in the first place. Preparedness is a great way to dodge trouble in the first place, so before flying Ryanair it could help to review a few tips.

A good first point to make that while the airline does offer discount flights most of the perks, such as desired seating, costs extra. For weight and space purposes, the airline is very strict about their baggage policies. It is better to be sure a bag is within the limit ahead of time, just to be sure. Try to keep luggage close by, even carry it in clothing with an over-abundance of pockets instead, when possible. It is essential not to forget a boarding pass because that is another thing that costs a rather hefty fee.

A nice perk is that if there is a mistake made when the tickets are ordered, it is possible to adjust the order for a whole day before doing so generates any fees. Be sure to be aware of the procedures concerning the basic annoyances of travel such as delays or misplaced luggage.

Seats in an airplane from Ryanair

What Is the Compensation for Delays?

In all honesty, the likelihood is that a flight delay is going to be caused by a situation not completely under control of the airline such as weather. In such cases, Ryanair is not responsible for the delay itself or compensating for it. When the airline is responsible for the holdup, however, there are certain entitlements a passenger has. The airline is required to provide any meals that are interrupted by the delay to the passengers free of charge. If the delay lasts overnight the passengers are entitled to lodging or a return home, at the expense of the airline.

Money rebates are required once the delay has made the passenger two to three hours later than the scheduled arrival. The rebate amount depends on the length of the delay, as well as the distance of the flight.

Mostly what is covered are delays due to mechanical malfunction. While in the past, there has been some debate about the manufacturers being the ones to blame. Even if it has been a while since the delay, claims cases can be made up to six years after the incident occurred.

Pros Outweigh Cons?

Traveling with Ryanair is cheap, easy and you can choose between numerous destinations. Ryanair serves about 1600 routes in 31 European countries as well as Morocco, Israel and Cyprus. You have to waive on extras like food, drinks, and in-flight entertainment on board, but your flight will be punctual and you don’t have to wait for your baggage, if you don’t put it in the hold. So it may be ideal for short business and holiday trips with small luggage and little time.

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Ryanair’s Development in 2017

Ryanair has released their financial statement that exemplifies clearly that the airline continues being a preferred travel partner for millions of people in Europe. The budget airline pretax increased from last year by more than six percent. This is a considerable achievement noting the external environments that the airlines have been operating in of late. The chairman also noted an increase in shares traded in the closed financial year.

In order to reach out to more customers, the company sales prospect was boosted by the announcement that the airliner will cut its fares this financial year. This move is likely to put the airline in a better position in price wars as it is likely to become the cheapest travel partner. This move is explained by the ability of the company to hedge its fuel prices to lower costs per barrel for the next two financial years. The prices are therefore likely to remain low for a long time, a multi-level business strategy that elucidates an effort to overcome porter’s forces of competition a great deal.

Negative Effects on the Price?

The move, however, did not go well with the stock market bullish analysts, who wanted the business to maintain a lead in its profit output and to lay down the strategies for bigger profits instead in the future. This has triggered a negative effect on the price of the airliner share to its best low. Nonetheless ,this is a poor speculation because it is noteworthy from the business level strategy that the airline has laid that they travel partner have diversified their source of revenue by adding a hotel partner to its Ryanair rooms business as well as launching Ryanair holidays in Italy as well as Spain in the past months.

In addition, the travel partner has endeavored to empower its marketing arm by opening a Travel lab in Madrid. The lab is expected to host over 250 new airline professionals who are acquainted with the dynamics of digital marketing. With the escalation of online business and opportunities, the airline is likely to benefit from this move since the lab will go a long way into making the firm presence in the web more visible thus increasing conversion rates.

Woman in front of display at airport showing Brexit or European Union in different directions

The Issue of Brexit

In June 2016 there was a vote in the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union, which caused a bit of commotion worldwide. Of course, whenever there is such a dramatic political change, it is sure to make waves. Withdrawal from the EU was made, somewhat, simpler, due to the fact that the UK had never entire converted to the union’s system by adopting the Euro. While the lack of needing to change currency is helping, it still does not eliminate all financial and social consequences.

The external environment of the airline however remains a threat to the future of the airline. One of the facets of this environment is the issue of Brexit. With the UK out of the euro, the past regime that defined the rules of flying into European market is certainly null and void requiring the UK government to negotiate with Euro a set of new regulation that will govern the market. The UK government has nevertheless shown little interest in the airline industry despite it being one of the most affected. This prompted the airline management to threaten to cut euro travels by autumn of 2018 if the government will not have negotiated a new trade deal with euro partners.

The Effects of Brexit

Among the industries affected by the split, flight and travel are expected to see some dramatic losses. These losses are expected to be seen most dramatically summer 2019 once the terms of Brexit have fully taken effect. Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, has expressed concerns that there may be difficulties coming to an agreement for flights between the EU and the UK. Now no longer part of the same entity, terms have to be set for travel. The worry is that negotiations will not come to an agreement by the deadline in September this year. Failure to reach an agreement on time will cause some serious problems as early as September, but most noticeably to passengers starting at the beginning of April 2019. If an agreement is not reached by the deadline, which experts do not expect to happen, it could shut down air travel between the United Kingdom, indefinitely.

While we are not associated directly with Ryanair Mag, we do like to stay updated on these matters, being both fans and critics of the industry. Such a big shutdown would definitely put a damper on England’s tourism industry for 2019 and possibly longer. Even though Ryanair’s development in recent years has been very forward-looking, the future of air travel is now uncertain.

What It Means For Travelers

If there is an agreement reached, the vacation season will be business as usual and things will go on without a hitch. In the more likely scenario where there is no agreement, plans will have to change. The flights between the island and mainland Europe will have to be canceled. This has experts predicting that there will be a significant overcrowding of ferries as English citizens try to catch flights from outside of the UK. Overall it may be the best bet to simply not have any holiday plans for 2019.

On the bright side, there is still a chance that Ryanair still may be able to make flights. Because the airline is not strictly English, it may be able to continue to operate the 70 craft they fly out of England on EU standards. Other airlines based in England, however, will not be so lucky and could end up grounded indefinitely, until an agreement is reached. If it fails to work out, the canceled flights are sure to make travel out of the UK nearly impossible in 2019. The best passengers can hope for is that a compromise can be achieved soon.

New Airport CEO in London

The economic structure is changing in Europe. Some would say the changes are a good thing, while others are not so sure. Along with the restructuring, many large associations are changing management. Stansted Airport is one of those places and has had a new acting CEO since September of last year. While we are not directly associated with Ryanair Mag, as critical fans, we keep track of these things. Late last year, operations at Stansted were assumed by Ken O’Toole. The operations have, of course, been left in very capable hands.

Who is Ken O’Toole?

Ken has had an extensive career in the aviation industry, working for airports and airlines for the past decade. Prior to joining the industry, he worked in accounting, which leads him to begin work at Ryanair. Originally, he came on as Head of Revenue Management, only later did he move on to become the Director of New Route Development. Eventually, he left moved on from Ryanair to become both Executive Director of the Manchester Airport Group and CEO of Manchester Airport. Until his transfer last year, he held the position at Manchester since 2013. The position change came as an office switch between Ken and Andrew Cowan: Stansted’s previous operator, now in charge of Manchester. The Director of the Manchester Airport Group, Charlie Cornish praised both men for their leadership skills and expressed confidence in the new assignments. There are big plans for the Stansted Airport over the upcoming years.

Ryanair airplane in London Stansted

Ken’s Plan for Stansted

The airport has every intention of making the most use of its single runway and the facilities that it has before developing any expansion plans. As of right now, they are reaching out to the local community for permissions to increase the number of passengers permitted on site and the number of flights arriving and departing. An increase in traffic is sure to be a successful investment, since the airport has reached a new record, crossing the 25 million passengers per year mark. All of this passenger volume is managed by Ken’s staff of 1,600 Manchester Airport Group employees and is the bulk of the air traffic in South-Eastern England.

Expect an increase in air traffic and the requested allowances are, in part associated with several large contracts the airport will be making over the course of the year. Ryanair, the airports largest base, will be expanding its network of flights, starting in April, to include more than ever. Jet2 will be coming to Stansted this year which will make it the first flights by the company in and out of the South-Eastern part of England. Primera Air also announced the addition of new flights this year as well, including trips to Boston and New York City.

With all of the new routes and the hopes to add more, Ken is sure to have a busy year at his new job. His new position at Stansted is sure to help bring the UK air industry successfully into the future – even more than before!

Ryanair Is Always Adding Routes

People travel for many reasons. Whether they are business or personal flights, the air industry is the leading means of getting people places, fast. With a constantly expanding population and customer base, it is crucial for aviation companies to keep up with demands. That means constantly updating flight plans and adding new routes to better serve their customer’s needs. We are not directly associated with Ryanair Mag but as critics and fans, we find it important to keep up with these changes.

Ryanair map with destinations

Among the major airlines making adjustments to their routes to better serve customers is Irish based Ryanair. Despite running into some potential scheduling issues involving travel agreements concerning Brexit in England, they have continued to expand their services with the addition of a number of new routes in different areas. Since this past winter and into this upcoming year Ryanair has and will continue to upgrade their schedules.

The New Routes

One of the new routes that were set into motion this past winter was a flight between Tel Aviv and Rome. If any two places were meant to be connected it is the Historic city of Rome and the Holy Land, one of the great outposts of the empire and popular destination for pilgrims. This new flight plan should create a number of new opportunities for tourists looking for affordable flights for sight-seeing. The route was implemented to echo a similar plan by EasyJet.

Rome is not the only Italian destination recently added to the list available from Ryanair. Earlier in 2017, they had also announced a new series of routes to Naples. In fact, they made the airport there one of their new major bases and introduced 17 brand new routes with a total of 69 new departures weekly. These, in addition to their, well established, based in Venice and Millan make Ryanair a great option for flights anywhere in Italy.

Ryanair Drops Plan to Serve Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

Ryanair announcement that it would be starting flights into Ukraine seem to have touched the wrong side of corporate interests of business owners in the country, prompting cancellation of the deal. Ukraine still languishes from its soviet economic spirit of monopolistic tendencies into nowadays full blown oligarchic business model. The fact that the oligarchs have no time for competition is a worrying trend that only leaves to showcase the fact that doing something about societal change is as distant and dramatic as it has always been.

Ryanair business model of low cost single digit fares is one of the most revolutionary products of the deregulation regimes of the 1990s. The airline led to proliferation of towns that sole survival depended on access to the airliner budget travel, a great fete that positively impacted on the business future of many entrepreneurs in Europe. It is without doubt that Ukraine would have benefited a great deal from the negotiation incase the hurdles were overcome.

The Oligarchs of Ukraine

The oligarchs nonetheless need to prove to the court the interests that they serve, as the announcement has had a remarkably positive perception from the Ukrainian business community who would have benefited a great deal from the agreement. The fares that the airline had already published in the newspaper elucidated great enthusiasm and optimistic undertones from the citizenry of Ukraine. The oligarchs led by billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky, however have professed little appetite for the kind of competition this agreement was to usher in the country. The prime minister and his infrastructure counterpart urged for the airports bosses to consider their stance. In the likely scenario that the oligarchs will intensify their resistance in the corridors of Ukrainian courts, the benches need to consider the interest of the majority over the few.

Other States Were Also Forced to Deregulate its Air Traffic

In fact, the case study of Latvia another ex-soviet state comes at hand for the Ukrainians. Latvia was forced to deregulate its air traffic in the 1990s, leading to the collapse of the inept, poorly managed national airliner of the time. In truthful context, its costs were unmatched to the low costs strategy of Ryanair. However, at the event of time, the national carrier was forced to restructure, adopt a new business level strategy that propelled it to the pride it is today. Speaking of now, the Latvia airline is a proud national carrier that operates profitably alongside the low budget carrier Ryanair. Picturing this, one would have argued for protection in the early years, but today the people of Latvia have reaped the full benefits of liberalization.

Ryanair concept operates basically on the aspects of deregulation as incentives. The other facets include de-unionized labor and low-cost fuel as well as negotiated tax regimes, and tough turnaround times. These are features that the Ukrainian airport authority should consider heavily for the benefit of all Ukrainians.

Ryanair Accuses Lufthansa of Air Berlin Conspiracy

Ryanair lately criticized Lufthansa and the government of Germany for conspiring in the latest set of woes facing Air Berlin that have seen it file for bankruptcy. The budget airliner launched its complain with German regulator and European commission. Air Berlin problems begun with the blatant free fall of travelers in the last two months. In an unprecedented event, its largest shareholder, the Etihad airways withdrew its financial support rendering a major blow to the airline. The airline responded by seeking a reprieve loan from Euro.

The budget airline accused the trio of organizing a conspiracy to carve up the assets of the company in the wake of the series of events. It is notable that Lufthansa is negotiating buying the air Berlin planes. Nonetheless this criticism was quickly responded to by German government who defended their support of the airliner, also arguing that in no way does that action contravene trust laws.

Lufthansa Takes Over Air Berlin

According to European competition laws, that Ryanair cited, the Lufthansa deal is a great violation since it is based on the premise of what the budget airliner termed as manufactured insolvency. This is because the whole process, according to them, is calculated to make Lufthansa take over an air Berlin that is debt free thus giving it an unpatrolled advantage. Having the Germany government support the monopolistic tendencies of Lufthansa with state sponsored 150m euros is a great breach of business trust, an accusation that was practically denied by Germany authorities that the initial basis of allegations that the insolvency was stage managed was fundamentally flawed. The budget airline believes that the new deal will not be at the interest of the majority as it will help push travel charges in the domestic scene even higher than they already are.

Not the First Time that Ryanair Complains

This criticism has nevertheless not dislodged the Lufthansa airline from its bid to take over part of the assets of the airline noting that it will continue further to conclude the multibillion Euro deal. At the height of this criticism is the realization that it is not the first time that Ryanair has accused the airline of foul play and especially in its relationship with the air berlin. Previously, the two had a wet lease arrangement whereby Lufthansa operated 38 air berlin airbus jets which was utterly called a funny joke and business arrangement by Ryanair chief executive officer Michael O’Leary. The airline deal has also been criticized by union laborers that it resulted to collapse of labor talks.

The chief executive noted that the airline was using untenable competition schemes whereby the seemingly take over deal was a clear calculation by Lufthansa to control the capacities of its key competitors, provide price leadership and determine the destination of aircrafts. It is however noted that despite these problems in air berlin, the there being provides a greater competition future in Germany. However, Ryanair itself faces a great future with new developments.

An Expanding Industry

In addition to their ventures in Italy and the Holy Land, Ryanair also expanded in Denmark. Despite continued difficulties establishing a permanent base, they have added six new routes in the country. Negotiations to open a base there have been in the works since 2014 but Ryanair has yet to come up with an agreement with the local trade unions to proceed. With luck, there will be a compromise reached soon because, without a base, it will be difficult for the airline to continue to add more flight plans to their roster in the country.

Ryanair strives to give their customers the best flights at the last possible prices. Their constant route expansion demonstrates the dedication the company has to provide all of the options that their customers want and need. As they continue to grow, we will see more options continue to become available. Only time will tell if better negotiation deals will bring a large expansion sooner than later. Until then, the options already look pretty good for tourists flying the new routes. Flights to Ukraine were heavily discussed. 

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