Etiquette is key to everything humans do in life – this includes traveling as well. As a guest at someone’s home, a person would not belch out loud without saying “excuse me” or, at least, showing remorse for the act. The same goes for families with animals. Manners are a must in order to keep civility.

Code of Conduct

Bear in mind, that business do not have to allow pets into their establishment, but some do, be nice to those that allow it. Make sure that the animal is trained, it would be highly rude to allow the animal to run amuck. While all dogs are not service dogs, their code of training is of the highest standard. International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) sets standards for allowing trained animals public access. While most pet owners do go to obedience training with their animals, it is a good rule of thumb to follow some of the manner tips:

  • Aggressive behavior is not tolerated
  • Do not allow others to pet or feed the animal
  • The animal should calmly walk on a leash
  • A specific command should be given to allow the animal to use the restroom in a public

The IAADP also encourages owners to test their animal. It is important that the animal knows different sites, people and venues before going out for a trip.

General Rules

Having a set schedule for animals can assist in keeping things orderly. One of the things that sets a dog off quickly is not getting fed on time or being allowed to go to the restroom. It is important that a pet and its owner know the routine. An owner should always pick up after the animal has used the bathroom.

Training a dog to walk on a leash is an important part of their training

Another general rule to follow is, leash and signage laws within the city the family will be visiting. Many states prohibit animals from running around freely. Therefore, before booking a hotel and setting out on the journey, know all the answers. For example, Minnesota is a state that allows any person to impound any unlicensed dog running around without a leash. While Arizona only requires dogs to be restrained by a leash, in a car, cage or enclosure device near a park or public school. For more information, go to Animallaw.

Speaking of calling ahead, make sure the hotel and place of business that will be used, are pet-friendly. Every hotel has pet policies and can be found on their websites. For example, Holiday Inn Express in Kilgore, TX allows service animals only. However, Even Hotels, another Intercontinental Hotel Groups hotel, requires a $75 deposit to allow service animals only.

One last thing, respect other people’s space, the worst thing is to cause someone with an allergy to pet dander, to go into shock. Do not walk in a location without knowing that pets are allows. Individual stores like Old Navy, Bebe, Free People, Gap, Restoration Hardware, Home Depot and LUSH Cosmetics are pet-friendly. An excellent resource for pet-friendly locations in Canada and worldwide is