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How to Prepare to Ensure Success during a Trip to Europe

Importance of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

When one decides to make a trip to Europe, it is advisable for a person to carry all the vital documents. The precaution ensures that the tour is a success throughout and that in an event of an emergency, one can handle it without many complications.

The European Health Insurance Card is a crucial document for any traveler. The card gives access to medical services in any country across Europe. A holder of the card is given the same care as the citizens of the country they are touring. In ordinary situations, a person without the card is sent back to his country in an event of sickness. With the card, one can get medical help from any health center with the option of compensating immediately or when they get back home. The card is sure to make a person’s trip in Europe memorable and with no complications.

How One Can Acquire the Card

The European Health Insurance Card is made and distributed by every country independently. The document is available for anyone who is interested free of charge. The process of acquiring the card can last for not longer than a month and therefore parties interested are advised to apply for one a month before they make the trip. In an event where a holder can lose their card, a temporary replacement can be given on short notice.

The EHIC card contains the name of the holder and information such as when they were born and the number of identification. The card does not, however, contain data on the person’s health history. A person applying for the EHIC needs to have an appropriate medical insurance cover to qualify. The insurance must be from countries that are members of the European Union, or from countries such as Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland. People from other countries need to have a residence in a country in the EU to qualify. If people are traveling as a family, every member should have their own EHIC.

Validity Period and Services of the EHIC

The validity period for every card varies differently in each country and does not cover any sickness a person may have had before the trip. The card is only acceptable by the health providers in the public sector. Events such as loss of personal items, rescue from mountain skiing resorts and cruises do not get cover from the card. Such events rank as private and therefore cannot enjoy compensation. The EHIC covers occurrences, such as bites from insects, altitude sickness, being stung by sea creatures, and, travel vaccinations.