Healthy Food on Business Trips

Heading to the airport after work or having to go to a meeting through lunch is not ideal. Especially when you’re trying your best to eat in a healthy manner. It may seem impossible to find a healthy meal when your other coworkers are ordering Chinese at your meeting. Though it may be difficult, there are ways to eat in a healthy manner, when you’re busy but they may not always be obvious.

Salad, Nuts and Fruits as Healthy Snacks

Not only does a cupcake look more tempting, but healthy food can be hard to find when you don’t know where to look. The good news is almost all menus have a healthy option. For example, at the airport you can opt for a salad or yogurt instead of the alternative. Bringing nuts or fruit such as apples or oranges with you makes eating healthy making choosing something you enjoy much easier. Limit any alcohol you might be tempted to drink; you could drink sparkling water instead. It fills you up and keeps you from snacking on those mindless snacks such as pretzels and chips.

Avoid Sweet Fruity Drinks

Another problem that might pop up is drinks such as sodas or fruity drinks that are high in sugar. These are readily available at every corner and will tempt you but go for a healthier option, such as tea or water. Bringing food with you, such as a granola bar or a bag of nuts is a great opportunity to ensure you’ll be full for a long meeting or plane ride, but the main problem seems to be sweets. Avoid doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, and other tempting treats.

Eating in a restaurant is even easier than juggling meetings. You can ask for a half order or your salad dressing on the side instead of on the salad. You can settle for an appetizer as your meal instead of having three courses as well, ask for your meal to be broiled or baked instead of fried. You can even ask if the restaurant would be willing to substitute parts of your meal for healthier options.

One Small Treat to Reward Yourself

After a long day of meetings, flights, and eating in a healthy manner, feel free to have a small treat to yourself. Some dark chocolate or another small treat won’t damage your healthy habits, as long as you only eat one small treat to reward yourself. Don’t reward yourself after every meal, but after every day.

The biggest part is to search, look around the airport for healthy options; they may not be obvious at first, but they’re there. Find healthier options at meetings and try to restrain from snacking, especially when you’re bored. Trying to eat healthy may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Implement some of these options the next time you take a flight or have a work-related meeting. They will most likely keep you full, focused, and healthy, helping you focus on the most important parts of life, taking care of yourself and those that you care for.