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Good Packing List for A Business Trip

When packing for a business trip there are a few important things to keep in mind. Both to make things easier for you and to help on the bottom line – whether your own or your company’s.

Portable WiFi Devices

Pack your own portable WiFi device and use it everywhere you have cell service. Hotels and convention centers may often charge a premium for those who wish to use their offered telecommunication and internet services. You can take advantage of your cell phone plan (but not by wasting your cell phone’s data plan!) to use the internet and email at high speeds wherever you are with a portable WiFi device. These are available from most major carriers and simply charge via USB. From your phone or laptop, you just simply log on as you would any other network, except this is a device you can keep in your pocket or on your desk. You won’t feel tethered to spending time and money in the hotel lobby or café. Even better, if you have a company cell phone, you don’t have to worry about the billing and the reimbursement process to pay for your usage.

Personal Care Items

In this day and age, packing toiletries and personal care items is much more of a burden than it used to be as one can’t simply toss a few bottles in a toiletry bag and set out to take on the world. Doling out individual three ounce portions into special bottles adds an extra layer of chore to your routine, which is already probably a burden. And refilling them between trips is probably not on the top of your to-do list. But keep in mind that many of your personal care items will probably be available in your hotel room or from the hotel front desk if you ask. They may not have the exact brand or super particular soap, but it would do in a pinch for only the day or few days you’ll spend there. It will more than make up for all the time, expense and hassle you would otherwise go through in keeping track of your supplies and stock of certain goods if you just rely on what your hotel will provide for free.

Prepare for the Worst with Your Carry-On

We all know that there is a high risk of your flight being delayed at take-off or you’ll be taxiing around the runaway for hours on end. Worst of all, your flight, or the next available one, might not leave until the next morning. Yikes! Even if you are rerouted and diverted to a different airport in a different city, you still have to get to that first meeting on time. And in all that rush you may forget that you’re still wearing yesterday’s stressed-out wardrobe. Well, you can mitigate this risk by keeping a spare set of clothes in your carry-on for a quick change, best used in that otherwise wasted time between disembarking and before your baggage is on the carousel. These don’t have to be your best business clothes, but chose those that will cooperate best with the folding and cramming of a carry-on bag. Your cotton button-up shirt will probably wrinkle, but the collar won’t, and you can cover it up with a wool sweater that will still look fresh. Keep a lint roller in your carry-on too.

With these tips in mind (and in your carry-on bag or suitcase!) you will be able to travel the world fresh and ready to overcome any potential setback and save some money for yourself or your company in the process.