Top Tips for Traveling with your pet on an Airplane

Traveling can be hard at times, especially if bringing a pet along for the trip. However, planning for the trip can enable smooth sailing along the way. Never leave the house without planning in-depth, how every person including pets will be getting to the final destination.

Traveling with pets needs a good amount of preparation beforehand.

Tips for Planning the Trip

Top Tips for National and International Travel

Focus on getting the pet ready for the trip, this will help to make sure everything is in place before getting yourself prepared.

  • Take the pet to the veterinarian to get all shots, a signed inspection and health records.
  • Get new identification tags to place on the pet’s collar and carrier.
  • Buy pet food that is wholesome and made in the United States, if flying overseas.
  • Call the airline in advance to ensure they have storage space for the pet, if they are not allowed in the cabin.
  • Start training the pet, at least, two months in advance to stay in its crate.
  • Microchips will assist in finding the pet, if they get lost.

Helpful Websites

Government agencies like the Center for Disease Control can help guide travelers on their trips. The United States Department of Agriculture has helpful hints on how to successfully travel with a pet and significant numbers for import and export questions. Another go-to website is the American Veterinary Medical Association. This website covers travel by plane or boat as well as helps find national emergency and non-emergency veterinarians.

Some Websites can be helpful to find a pet-friendly hotel

Finding hotels or businesses that allow pets can be a daunting task. However, Pet Friendly Hotels, a website dedicated to all hotels that provide services to dogs, is now available for use. The website also offers pet travel tips and guides. Although most businesses and restaurants do not cater to animals, Pet Friendly Restaurants has put a list together for every bar and restaurant in each state. International destinations that are pet friendly can be found at Bring Fido. The staff has put together a complete list of requirements, restrictions and regulations for each country.

In closing, remember to prepare the pet for travel. Throwing them into a bumpy ride through turbulent skies can cause them to panic. Try to find the shortest flight in order to keep the risk of harm down for the pet. Always make sure the pet is ready for travel and can handle being inside of a carrier for the entire plane ride.