10 Ways to Make Your Flight More Comfortable

10 Ways to Make Your Flight More Comfortable

We have all been there. The flight is cramped, noisy, and hot. What makes it worse is that the snacks and food are bland. Then, you notice the people in the first-class cabin looking comfortable. You could be envious, but then there are ways that you can be as content, even in coach. If you follow these steps, you can feel first class in the main cabin.

  1. Pick a Good Seat – You may like a certain seat, but it may not be the best option. If you are looking for more room, the aisle seat may be best. Yes, the exit row is roomier, but it doesn’t have storage space for your person item. For those who love to nap, the window seat would good for you.
  2. Sit Over the Wings – Turbulence can be annoying to some and scary to others. Sitting in the middle of the plane over the wings offers the smoothest ride.
  3. Dress Comfortably – While you may want to dress for the business meeting before the flight, it is better to wear comfortable clothes that can be layered. This way you will be prepared for temperature variances, and you won’t be uncomfortable in stiff or tight clothes.
  4. Buy Disinfectant Wipes – Flight attendants do their best to clean between flights, but they don’t have time to wipe everything down. Since the person in the seat before could have sneezed or coughed over the area, bring some wipes to clean the tray, seat, belts and arm rest.
  5. Bring Water – The pressurized cabin will dehydrate you. Drink water before the flight, but bring a bottle of water on the flight with you. This way you can avoid a dry mouth or headache due to being dehydrated.
  6. Take Noise Canceling Headphones – The plane can be loud. Noise cancelling ear phones will drown out the side noise, allowing you to focus on your movie or music. You can even pretend to be listening and just have peace and quiet.
  7. Pack Your Own Blanket and Pillow – The ones provided are not as sanitary as you may want. Plus, with some airlines charging for them, you can save some money.
  8. Buy Your Own Snacks – Buy a healthy snack or even a delicious meal before you flight. This way you know that you will have something you like to eat during the flight.
  9. Have Your Own Entertainment – Some airlines are removing seat-back screens to allow passengers to bring their own devices. Companies like Delta offer apps with free movies and TV shows you can watch during the flight. If your flight doesn’t offer this, bring your own movie on your tablet or phone to watch.
  10. Stay Close to the Airport the Night Before – Avoid the hectic rush. Stay the night at a hotel close by the airport. You might find it to be a less chaotic morning, and you may be able to sleep later and get more rest.

How to Prepare to Ensure Success during a Trip to Europe

How to Prepare to Ensure Success during a Trip to Europe

Importance of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

When one decides to make a trip to Europe, it is advisable for a person to carry all the vital documents. The precaution ensures that the tour is a success throughout and that in an event of an emergency, one can handle it without many complications.

The European Health Insurance Card is a crucial document for any traveler. The card gives access to medical services in any country across Europe. A holder of the card is given the same care as the citizens of the country they are touring. In ordinary situations, a person without the card is sent back to his country in an event of sickness. With the card, one can get medical help from any health center with the option of compensating immediately or when they get back home. The card is sure to make a person’s trip in Europe memorable and with no complications.

How One Can Acquire the Card

The European Health Insurance Card is made and distributed by every country independently. The document is available for anyone who is interested free of charge. The process of acquiring the card can last for not longer than a month and therefore parties interested are advised to apply for one a month before they make the trip. In an event where a holder can lose their card, a temporary replacement can be given on short notice.

The EHIC card contains the name of the holder and information such as when they were born and the number of identification. The card does not, however, contain data on the person’s health history. A person applying for the EHIC needs to have an appropriate medical insurance cover to qualify. The insurance must be from countries that are members of the European Union, or from countries such as Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland. People from other countries need to have a residence in a country in the EU to qualify. If people are traveling as a family, every member should have their own EHIC.

Validity Period and Services of the EHIC

The validity period for every card varies differently in each country and does not cover any sickness a person may have had before the trip. The card is only acceptable by the health providers in the public sector. Events such as loss of personal items, rescue from mountain skiing resorts and cruises do not get cover from the card. Such events rank as private and therefore cannot enjoy compensation. The EHIC covers occurrences, such as bites from insects, altitude sickness, being stung by sea creatures, and, travel vaccinations.

Best Portable Chargers for Business Trips

Best Portable Chargers for Business Trips

When you’re out on a trip, sometimes you need to get work done on the go. Your laptop, cell phone, and other devices though aren’t infinite; they lose their power and their charge regularly. One way to avoid this is to get a portable charger. These chargers come in all shapes and sizes, allowing for a steady charge for a multitude of devices. If you’re going to look into a portable charger, though, you’ll need to get one strong enough to charge your device.

Charge Up Your Phone or Tablet Easily

For cell phones, and even tablets, a standard charger will do. It’ll be able to charge up your phone or tablet easily, but you still need to take into account what exactly you need from your portable charger. First of all is size, remember though the more power you’ll need the larger the battery will be of course. 5.000 mAh usually is perfect for a one-time charge for a phone. 10.000 mAh is much better for a multitude of charges or a charge for a larger object like a laptop. How many USB ports are you going to need is another thing you need to think about, the output, and the materials that the charger itself is made of, and you can even get chargers with 50.000 mAh.

Find a Charger for All of Your Needs

Many available chargers have built in charger cords, so you can’t lose the cord on the go. Many have an increased durability that allows them to stay sturdy, in almost any situation. There are also many that can use solar power to charge themselves, making them self-sustainable, as long as the sun is cooperative. Many are also compatible with Bluetooth along with mirrors, flashlights, and even car jumpers. With all of these additions, you’ll most likely be able to find a charger for all of your needs. Some suggestions to look at would include the Braven BRV-Bank, Junopower Junojumper, and Winbest BK11904. Some chargers are even capable of being built right into your phone with a phone case. No matter what you need, you’re going to be able to find the best charger for you. One which would be able to charge your things as you need them, keeping them close and keeping you focused on your work.

With all of these possibilities, there are a lot of things to think of. Choosing the right charger is imperative to ensure that your devices are all charged up, no matter how long a flight or meeting is. As long as you choose the right charger, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Choose the wrong one though and you may not be able to get that spreadsheet or report done before you get to your meeting on the other side of the country. With a portable charger at your side there’s no way your work will go incomplete, just plug and charge off the power you’ve reserved.

Find a Good Laptop for Business Trips

Find a Good Laptop for Business Trips

If you are a business person, you need a good laptop that is more serviceable and sturdy than a standard ultrabook. After over thirty hours of research and testing, Lenovo ThinkPad T450s has been found to be the best laptop due to its mix of features that include user serviceability, configuration options, durability, speed, and a high-quality keyboard.

Who Does the Laptop Serve and How the Decision Was Reached at?

Many people including business people no longer require a conventional laptop. An ultrabook will be lighter, smaller, and just ideal for many business people; however, some still require a better battery life, more parts, long battery life, or improved security features which an ultrabook won’t give you. A majority are willing to carry a heavier and thicker laptop due to its longevity. Many business laptops have similar guts as ultrabooks – the performance was tested to ensure there are no surprises. The main focus were the features that make business laptops stand out from the rest. Among the essential features are including warranty and support, upgradability and serviceability, battery life, display; build quality, trackpad, and keyboard.

The Verdict

If anyone has to use one laptop, daily for five years, it would be the Lenovo ThinkPad T450s. It is an upgraded version of the base model with a 1920×1080 IPS screen, backlit keyboard, and 12 GB of RAM. Although it doesn’t have a screen as an ultrabook, it is thicker and heavier with a rugged chassis and spill-resistant keyboard. The ThinkPad keyboard is among the few best on any laptop; it has the Ethernet and VGA ports, which are ideal for internet connectivity and screen presentations. It is easier serviceable and upgradable than most ultrabooks. The batteries are hot-swappable making it easier to use for longer without needing a charger. You will get a warranty on on-site repairs.

The Runners-Up

In case, you cannot find the T450s consider taking Dell Latitude E7450. It has almost similar price and features. The Latitude has an HDMI port and dedicated mouse buttons for the trackpad distinct from the ThinkPad. It is easier to upgrade due to its RAM slots and hard drive that are more accessible. The keyboard is almost as perfect as the ThinkPad and is a bit cheaper than the ThinkPad when configured. It has a longer base warranty and just like Lenovo; it is worth paying to upgrade from the horrible default display to a 1920×1080 screen. It runs warmer and louder than the ThinkPad, although it is among the few real business laptops left on the market. Some may want it, due to its rounded look compared to the square-shaped ThinkPad.

The Common Man Business Laptop

Consider buying the 13-inch MacBook Pro; it has a Retina Display if you are willing to carry adapters, and don’t need Windows or something that can be upgraded in the future. The laptop has a screen with high resolution and a more powerful CPU compared to the Latitude E7450 or the ThinkPad T450s. It has two thunderbolts 2 ports, good battery life, and top of the range Wi-Fi card.

You will require adapters in case you want to use Ethernet cables or VGA. Compared to already expensive business laptops, it is quite costly, although if you run out of RAM, you cannot upgrade it. Although it is not a conventional business laptop, it is the ideal laptop for doing business.


Although the business is a dying breed, there is still life in them. The Lenovo ThinkPad T450s is easy to service and upgrade, has a tough chassis, offers great support, and has a great keyboard. It can serve you for many years, even though it is not as flashy as you would wish to imagine.

Airplane Seats: What You Have to Consider?

Airplane Seats: What You Have to Consider?

Frequent flyers understand, what it means to be kicked by restless kids, lack of legroom, and the war over an armrest. There is no safe way to guarantee that the aisle seat in the exit row near the front of the place with no one sitting close to you, there are a few tricks to help you.

Qualities of a Great Seat

The seats close to the front of the plane, window seats or exit rows are considered the best. When you are on a short business trip, you want to have an aisle seat, so that you can debark easily upon arrival. While taking an overnight flight, you want a window seat to rest your rest; nervous travelers may wish to sit over the wing, where they encounter minimal commotion. If you want more legroom, opt for exit row seats; however, they are not good for family travel. No one below fifteen is supposed to sit in the exit row, according to the federal law. Also, infants are not allowed in the row immediately in front of behind an exit row. A majority of flyers prefer bulkhead seats located directly behind the physical barriers; they separate the different segments of the plane and passengers do not nag each other, since there are no seats in front, and they offer additional legroom.

Buy a Better Seat

A majority of airlines nowadays offers economy class seats with additional legroom at an extra fee, depending on the airline and when you purchase the upgrade. Those who haven’t, are in the process of providing roomier seats in the main cabin, popularly known as the premium economy. You need to consider, whether the seats are worth the extra amount you are paying; the cost ranges from somewhere between $ 8 to about $ 130 per flight. Some airlines, like the American and Delta carriers, charge for what they prefer to call preferred seating, although it’s simply an opportunity to get yourself an aisle or window seat.

Choose Your Seat When You Are Booking

Some airlines, like the American Airlines, allow you to choose your preferred seat at the time of booking; others reserve the best seats for the upper tier loyalty program flyers. Many airline websites and booking engines allow you to book your ticket, after your first purchase then make your seat choice later. The process is free with many carries, although some ask for an extra fee to choose your seat in advance. If you are booking online, call the airline to inquire about the procedure will help you. Check at least 24 hours, before your flight to see if there are any changes or if any seat has opened up.

Spend Your Miles and Purchase an Upgrade

It is possible to upgrade your miles, although you might encounter some roadblocks. Some low-cost economy tickets are not eligible for upgrades or require more miles than the full fare tickets. In addition, you might have to add some cash on the miles. The American Airlines, for instance, charge between $ 100 and $ 700 for a round trip to move up to business class. Remember to keep your preferred airline alliance partners in mind as you can spend your miles to upgrade on their flights, too. Some airlines allow you to buy an upgrade to another cabin. Those who fly on US Airways can trade up from economy to first class for about $ 200 round trip, 24 hours before departure. Virgin America allows you an upgrade to first class or Main Cabin Select seats for a fee of between $78 and $598 for a round trip. Such deals go very first; hence, be among the first people to call.

Tips for Long Haul Flights

Tips for Long Haul Flights

Long flights are a necessary evil in today’s world. Business and family obligations are spread all over the globe and it is necessary to travel from one place to another expediently. While high-speed airplanes certainly have the advantage in time over continental-length train lines or ocean voyages by ship, they do sacrifice a bit in terms of personal comfort – but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Comfort in Your Seat

You know yourself and what kind of seat you want, so you have to make this decision themselves. Some people would hate to get up for others time and time again or know they want to look out the window. Some people don’t mind getting up for others or are too timid or self-conscious to ask people to let them by. It seems pretty obvious which type of person wants a window and which type of person wants an aisle, and if you know which type of person you are, don’t fight your inner voice and book the right seat! You’ll be there for a while, after all. Also, if you know you need more legroom consider the emergency row or the seats immediately behind a bulkhead (where a wall is directly in front of you). Don’t forget to check in via phone or online if there are any better seats to upgrade to. Some of the roomier seats are either pricier, reserved for certain membership classes, or both. But restrictions are lifted as the flight gets closer and they aren’t sold.

Comfort in Yourself

Make sure what you are wearing is effective for what you are doing more so than how you look. Remember that you will be going through security as well as sitting and standing and maybe running for a long amount of time before you are even on the plane. Wear sensible shoes like sneakers with socks, so you don’t have to walk through security barefoot, and they should be comfortable enough to sleep in and be tied so as to slip on and off easily. Wear comfortable pants with pockets and preferably ones that don’t need a belt – both for getting through security quicker and to be comfortable when you’re sleeping. Wear a light jacket that can be folded up and stuffed into a tight place or even used as a pillow. A cotton hooded sweatshirt is a good choice. If you’re in a hurry at security, put all your pockets’ contents in the jacket pockets rather than a bin – the jacket goes through the metal detector all together and you can re-proportion the items back to your pants pockets later.

Taking Care of Yourself

Eat well and eat normally. Even if you are used to frequent travel or have too much pride to admit to a minor inconvenience, your body does go through stress even if your mind refuses to believe it. Stay hydrated. If you can, try to time so you can use the restroom right before boarding and hopefully won’t have to go again until the plane is well underway on its flight and at cruising altitude. Taking off is already a bit nerve-wracking, no reason to over-hydrate and have to use the restroom when you’re not supposed to get out of your seat. Plan your sleep, too. Proper slumber is an important part of your health. Even try waking up earlier than you need to on a red-eye to ensure that you will actually sleep on the plane and when you land, you’ll have gotten a full night’s sleep albeit in two discrete chunks. With the right combination of rest and nutrition you will emerge from the airplane after a long flight as fresh as from your own bed after a full night’s sleep.