Aircraft Business Innovations at EBACE 2016

EBACE 2016 – where people come to see the innovation of the aircraft business. There are many stunning new mark makers at EBACE this year, ready to knock your socks off. With amazing flight capabilities and luxury accommodations these plains are more than just passenger planes. Speed, grace, and the epitome of ingenuity they are sure to stun you with their amazing designs.

New and Creative Innovations at EBACE

One of the aircrafts at EBACE this year was the Pilatus PC-24 made its appearance and became the most popular display on the site this year. This test aircraft finished its first flight in May of last year and appears to be versatile, elegant, and has the capability of landing on unpaved strips, paired with a need for only a short runway; the Pilatus PC-24 has become an interesting focal point for the EBACE this year.

The E-Jet E2 is more efficient and has also managed its first flight without issues. With a 24 % lower fuel burn rate this jet is in fact environmentally friendly. Expected to become an airliner, there will likely be a cooperate version that follows as has occurred with other jets made by the same company. Sleek and more efficient than anyone on the market today, the E-Jet E2 is a real contender in the sky.

Another stunning work of aircraft art comes in the form of the Textron; Textron Aviation has been taking orders for its new unnamed single engine aircraft. Carrying up to 5 people (pilot and passengers included) this little plane sits right next to the big boys without fear. Textron Aviation claims it will have the widest cabin, and offer flexible cargo options. Its first flight isn’t scheduled until 2018 though, so it might be a little bit of a wait before you see one of these unnamed beauties in the sky.

Fly a Trans-Atlantic Flight on Renewable Fuels

Finally, the most efficient of them all, the G450 and G550 from Gulfstream was able to use the companies own blend of fuels to fly a trans-Atlantic flight on renewable fuels. We were expecting to see this one pop up at EBACE, but Gulfstream rained on our parade and left the streamlined beauty at home while they boasted about how wonderful it is. With service entry starting out in 2018 we can’t wait to see this efficient jet in the skies. It’ll certainly be welcomed, and hopefully, the innovation of the sustainable fuel will be shared in models to come, all over the world. This kind of movement forward should linger in the minds of every company, for this is where all transportation is heading.

From planes built for your friends and family to planes built to use renewable fuel these planes, all have one thing in common. They are the most innovative technologies in transportation in ages. Flights will never be the same starting in 2018, and these innovations just may lend a hand to making the world a better a cleaner place to live.