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Air Regulations while Traveling by planes

Air travel is one of the most efficient modes of transport. This form of locomotion involves many regulations to ensure the safety of the passengers. It is important for all passengers to abide by the set rules since emergencies on air crafts can suddenly escalate into a crisis. A passenger in an airplane is allowed to have carry-on items not exceeding 12 kilograms. Examples of such commodities include a wheelchair, laptop, stroller or a purse.

Security Rules for Liquids, Lighters, Medication

Passengers on planes should abide by all the set rules. The airports feature security rules for liquids that can be carried onto the aircraft. A fluid is anything from water, syrup, creams, perfumes, shaving cream, toothpaste, gels, and any other product that can flow. Passengers are encouraged to put all the liquids in the luggage that is checked. The check is because the liquids that they take on board have set regulations to control them. The liquids that the passenger may require on board should be put in a single transparent bag while they are undergoing security checks. No liquid container should contain more than 100 ml of content, and they should all fit in only one plastic bag.

A lighter is a popular item among people who smoke. It is, therefore, a common commodity seen on a daily basis at airports. Passengers have permission to carry lighters on board although they are supposed to remain with them throughout the trip. Lighters should not be put in your hand luggage or the luggage that is checked either. A parent is allowed to carry baby food that they deem enough for their children throughout the trip. The parents may, however, have to taste the food items at the security checks to ascertain their legality. In case one is taking medication for a particular illness while going on a flight, they are allowed to carry them on board. One is however required to present documentation to prove that they need this drugs.

Be Well Versed with the Airport Regulations

It is important for the one traveling to ensure that they are well versed with the airport regulations to avoid situations that may be embarrassing from occurring at the security checks. One should carry only the items that they need. You should also ensure you have a transparent bag before you arrive for the safety audit. Travelers are advised not to waste time to wrap gifts for friends since they will be unwrapped at the checkpoints.

There are certain items that one cannot carry on airplanes. Sharp objects that can be used for cutting are considered as dangerous and therefore they are illegal to have on a plane. One can also not turn up for security checks carrying equipment such as baseball bats or clubs. Such equipment can endanger the lives of other passengers. Firearms are allowed for the legal holders of a license although they should only be in the checked luggage. Other forbidden objects include explosives and chemical contents.