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5 New Pieces of Innovative Travel Technology

With brains in the palm of our hands, our technology can do almost anything, from tell you when the next full moon is to remind you what’s for dinner tonight. Our technology is amazing, and these five new pieces of tech, are sure to be groundbreaking for all of your travel needs.

A Useful Addition to Your Smartphone – Pictar and Liftup

Pictar is the first on our list, it’s an addition to your smartphone, turning your phone into a real and sensational camera. Used by professionals on the go who find themselves without their cameras, this wonderful device is sure to bring your memories together no matter where you travel.

Liftup is the new kid on the block, the only thing currently known about it is that it assists people who travel often in working out. It promises an amazing workout and appears to be able to work with your smartphone. Working out on the go is extremely important, it allows you to be fit, stay in shape, and feel good about yourself.

Ripplebuds – Communicate easily with your friends, family, and business partners

Ripplebuds are another on the list, making it easy to communicate with your friends, family, and business partners. They capture your unique voice from your ear and display that to the person on the other end of the phone. The big kicker? They cancel out all other noise. Your voice comes across crisp, clear, and well heard on the other end. Though people may think you’ve lost your mind as you talk to yourself, they’re efficient and get your voice across clear as day.

A Powerful Adapter to Increase the Power of Your Charger – Pompadapter

Pompadapter is a power adapter that enhances the rate of charge to your devices, especially if you have a weaker power cord than your device requires. With a cord that isn’t strong enough, it might take a long time to charge your device, and you may not be able to use it while charging. Pompadapter allows you to increase the power of your charger and charge your device much faster. One of the best parts? It has an auto shut down feature, so when your devices reach 100 %, you don’t have to be there to unplug it, which would save battery life.

Intelligent Suitcase for Business Trips – Floatti

Floatti is a new suitcase that will make travel so much easier. No more lost bags or confusion. With a built-in tracking system, you’ll always know where your bag is. It has a built-in digital scale, handbag docking system, amazing suspension, durable wheels, a handle that communicates with you, and much more. With both a carry on and check in bag there’s little you have to worry about when it comes to your luggage.

These five devices, when used together, are not only groundbreaking, they will improve your lives as well. You’ll be able to speak to your boss or family while getting on or off a flight. Ready to work out when you land, that paired with the fact that your devices will always be charged, these five, when used together, could change your life for the better.